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About Us

Wahoe Shop is a non-profit initiative, based in New Delhi, India and operating across the North of India. Our history began with a family in Nepal who set up a Jewelry Shop in which all items were handmade by Nepali women. The beautiful designs are of typical Nepali tradition and style, and inscriptions, metals and stones may be customized to suit the consumer’s needs. Click to read more about the history of our Jewelry Shop.

Following this we became aware of a lady in the Tikri village who made beautiful and intricate hand woven bags. We sent through one of our volunteers who quickly learnt the art of hand weaving bags of various sizes and styles. Through this peer to peer knowledge sharing we continue to spread the art of hand woven bags in a small attempt to create independent incomes for women in rural villages. Click to read more about the art of our handmade bags.

Profits from our sales go directly towards our non-governmental organisation (NGO) Wahoe Commune to benefit the local communities and people.

For more information you can visit our NGO Website : www.wahoecommune.org.in